One of our founders; Kalli Quigg is interviewed about the “March Of Silence” for animals by ABC7

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LA Times article featuring one of our founders, Maya Benperlas who worked with LA Animal Save while building up VIVA.

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"Just want to say thank you to Viva Global Rescue (Maya & Kalli) they have been such a huge asset to my rescues . Met them during the Woolsey fires since then I've reached out to them on all my deployments (Paradise , Midwest flooding & most recently Ridgecrest / Trona) . 

They helped with admin (dispatching Search & Rescue personnel & organizing donations for Woolsey , Paradise & Midwest floods). In Ridgecrest / Trona they actually came out BOG (Boots On The Ground) & assisted hands on with rescues , vet needs & distribution of donations to those that did not have transportation . It was amazing watching these young ladies at work they single handedly rescued dozens of cats & kittens & assisted in addressing the medical needs of many domestics & equine. We got little to no monetary donations so everything we did in the San Bernardino region was out of our own pockets . They did many 400 mile round trips over the last month to make sure that these animals got the care they deserve. Without these ladies many animals in the earthquake affected region wouldn't be alive. 

Thank you for all you do & supporting myself & my team during disasters so we can focus on saving as many lives as possible. 

#LTMA #LessTalkMoreAction

Thank You,

Aaron “AC” Christensen

Vice President 4 R Farm Animals (501c3 Nonprofit LG Animal Rescue)

Ventura County EVRT"

Almost Eden Animal Rescue 

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Disaster Assist- Rescue Partners

On the Fourth of July, 2019, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Ridgecrest, CA. Being a native Californian, former state RN Disaster Responder, and knowing something of the town and people, I was very concerned. My FB and Twitter feeds (devoted in part to Animal Rescue and Disaster Recovery efforts) immediately began to fill with sad stories from Ridgecrest and from Trona, the tiny town just adjacent to it. Aftershocks were near-constant. Animals (and people) were tremendously upset and fearful. Electrical power was out.  Much of Trona had collapsed. Animals (dogs, cats, and a few livestock) and people were running and driving on the streets, in the dark, with several unfortunate collisions. 

With the Veterinary Responders divided between Trona and Ridgecrest and despite a subsequent 7.1 magnitude quake and yet bigger aftershocks, in the days to come the VIVA team continued to call out groups such as Little Angels, comapssion kind and others to provide not only top-quality medical care to animals of every size, but also rendered “psychological first aid” to the people who owned them. Many of these folks had lost everything they owned in the quake/subsequent fires. They were terrified, deeply shaken, and broken in spirit. Kind words, a hug, and a bottle of drinking water (daytime temperatures were well in excess of 100 F) were provided to each owner by Maya and Kalli, while gentle, loving care was provided to countless more cats, kittens, dogs, and even two horses. All of this went a VERY long way in alleviating physical and emotional suffering, as well as in providing a sense of normalcy and comfort to all whom they encountered. 

My heart is full of gratitude for Maya and Kalli, their DVM partners, and for all of VIVA Global Animal Rescue in their response to the #RIDGECRESTEARTHQUAKE  Although many others responded in many capacities and did wonders in their own ways, VIVA was the first Team in and the last one out and these communities and all Californians owe them much. FIVE STARS!"

Mimi Applegate Elder

RN disaster responder