Ridgecrest and Trona earthquakes

We are currently up in the Ridgecrest and Trona earthquakes getting food, supplies and veterinary care to the animals in need. We have thus far helped out 85 animals with veterinary care and rescued 30+ cats and kittens hurt and relinquished to our organization in these earthquake. 

Meet our residents

Welcome to our blog where we will showcase some of our most interesting rescue stories. 

equine and large ANIMAL RESCUE



Vinnie is a 19 year old American Saddlebred; his favorite activities include meditating with his moms, running around with his herd and stealing Alfalfa from any horse around! Vinnie has a club foot and a heart murmur but that doesn't slow him down! He can be sponsored for $420 a month. 



Willow is a 23 year old quarter horse mare. She is one shy horse, but once she gets to know you she will be all up in your face for TREATS!! When our nonprofit found her she had no dental,hoof or medical care when we got her and we have spent thousands of dollars getting her into tip top shape! Giving willow a treat and approaching slowly and carefully will win over her heart! Willow can be sponsored for $360 a month. 



Thunder is a 8 year old Appendix Arab, so he has Quarter horse, ThorouGhbred, and Arab in him. He came from a severe abuse situation originally and has made strides while being in our care! His favorite activities include licking ten pound salt bricks, getting carrots and playing games! He loves chasing horses and racing them around. Thunder has a condition called Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis which is a systemic disease of the connective tissue. To sponsor Thunder it will be $360 a month.